PHP Analytics

Key features

The approach

Often applications need specific access control, CMS, sharing mecanism and so on. Instead of trying to implement all these features inside a BI Suite, bring the reports and dashboards to the app instead.

We provide a simple yet elegant architecture that leaves room for customization and extension. The code is lightweight and will stay in a KISS fashion.

Key Benefits

  • Fully modular: you can design from scratch reports, or customize existing high level components
  • SQL or MDX: use your db or a dedicated OLAP server
  • Web Standard compliant: PHP Analytics talks REST, JSON, Jquery, SQL, MDX
  • Easy to skin: just use CSS and plain ol’ HTML.


  • Can connect with Pentaho: you designed some reports in a BI Suite? In two lines of code you can integrate them in an intranet in PHP
  • Can be plugged to any db Zend can connect to (SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle … )
  • Compatible with Magento: Magento is made with Zend Framework, you can add in seconds new dashboards.
  • Connector for Google Analytics and Urchin: use the connectors to extract data (more to come, check out the roadmap)