PHP Analytics

A Zend Framework lib to build analytics.

You need to add analytics and business intelligence in a web app ? PHP Analytics is the way to go. Use out-of-the-box components like Pivot or cross tables, or build your own MDX advanced indicators. All Zend Framework compliant.




PG Bench

A collection of scripts to benchmark Postgresql.

Postgresql is a powerful database, but you need to be an expert to configure it. With Pg Bench, you can test different standard situations and check how your postgresql is performing.
We currently support TPC-H and SSB benchmarks.






An in-page translator for your web apps.

An easy-to-use in-app translator for your Zend Framework applications.
For everyone experiencing headaches at translating webapps, we built Transl8, so that even non-technical users can translate applications seamlessly, directly from the application itself.