Why inline translation is good?

You are in charge of an international project? You have difficulties getting the translation from the product owner ready for the release? Here is a few reasons why we think inline translation is good for your mental health.


No more translation integration

If you don’t have inline translation, you will have to extract all the wordings in a file yourself, send it over to every translators, then integrate yourself all their translation. It is tedious, error prone and not agile at all: next release you will have to do the work again and again. Even for a small app, we are talking about hours of work.

With inline translation, like in Magento or Transl8, you let your users translate the text by browsing the app. No more file integration.


Ready to go live anytime

Translators can then translate step by step and even if the work is only 90% finished, you already have an integrated translation ready to be used.


Reduce the translation mistakes

Another bonus effect with online translation the text is presented in context –  by in context I mean be presented on the screen that pops up this message. You also reduce the errors of translation induced.


Reactive correction

You can change in production within seconds a mispelling in a language.

Check Transl8 for a solution of inline translation with Zend Framework.